Hello World!

I am a Web Developer interested in both front and back-end development, with a background in Information Technology Management/Databases.

I have experience building websites with jQuery/JS, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS and Vue JS. I am incredibly interested in developing my skills in other languages!

I enjoy solving problems, creating beautiful and interesting websites, and learning/growing as much as I can.

I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan, try to out-spotify Spotify by making a million playlists, and read way too much Kurt Vonnegut for my own good.






I developed this site for the Charles Allis Art Museum. A fun part of this project was creating interactive systems for users to virtually explore the galleries and rooms of the museum.

You can see the full site here

Javascript/JQuery, AJAX, HTML/CSS(Flex), PHP, MySQL

I co-developed this site for the Whitefish Bay Library. I focused mainly on developing the pattern used here for filtering calendar events, as well as updating our current in house search pattern to accommodate multiple search boxes on one page as well as an off-site search option. All of the triangle animations were all done using SNAP SVG

You can see the full site here


This project was designing and building a system in which users could submit a comment form online. This system alerts the admin of the new comment via email, and sends the admin to a section in the CMS where all the details of the form are neatly laid out. The admin has the ability take a variety of actions in response to the comment, including commenting internally, assigning tags, updating the status and due date, assigning this comment to another employee/department, and replying directly to the customer from this screen. Front end users are also able to search comments made by other users that have been made public. Admin users are able to search comments from the CMS, as well as set frequently used filters to auto-fill out their searches

It also included a feature in which members could log in and create shopping lists, which they could then edit, save, or print from their member portal


APC is a social service agency in Milwaukee, WI. I rebuilt the user interface and backend for employees to create and maintain records for clients and services.

This project was my baby, and helped build up a variety of skills, at the top would be the the importance of writing clear, clean code.

I also developed the search for employees to be able to find clients or services based on a variety of criteria, and built a maintenance system for the agencies codes and notes for each department



The City of Evansville wanted a website that would show its unique value to prospective residents and business owners, and to also serve the needs of the current residents through permits, city services, access to elected officials, a city events calendar and requisite government notices, planning documents and more. The ADA compliant site includes an emergency “message of the day” system, quick links for each user type, and buckets that talk about the city’s value to each of the stakeholders.

The cohesiveness of this site and CMS is reflective of each department working together to create content for the site. By developing a strategy that allowed each section of the city’s government to designate specific users and goals, while maintaining consistency and ease of use, we were able to develop a site that conveys the essence of the city while being useful to all.

You can see the full site here

PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML/CSS - (& mobile styling)

Evolution Markets

This site was created for a company specializing in global energy and environmental markets.

You can see the site here

PHP, MySQL, JQuery, responsive HTML/CSS


This site was created for a company dedicated to improving communities. This specific site helps people who are struggling find jobs.

You can see the site here

PHP, MySQL, JQuery, responsive HTML/CSS (flexbox)